Hi, I’m Sonch (or Sonia), a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Prague, Czechia. My bold linework and tattoo/flash-like aesthetic are inspired by all things spooky, cute, and unusual.

In 2020, while living nomadically in my small car and relying solely on solar power, I created Sonch’s Curiosities. Drawing inspiration from the British Isles’ coastline, wilderness, and old pagan traditions, I blended my sassy, shy and cute goth personality to create my unique artistic style.

My aim with Sonch’s Curiosities is to share my art, skills, and resources with fellow creatives and small business owners to support their creative journey. I draw inspiration from an array of topics, including spooky, cute, dark, unusual, sassy, empowering and equal, kink and sex positivity, paganism, witchy, cartoons, tattoos, kindness, mental health, nature, crystals and fossils, myths, and my passion for psychology.

Thanks for reading and stay spooky!